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tv   Today  NBC  June 18, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's fun-day monday, june 17th, 2013. kathie lee is taking the day off but guess who is filling in with me. the incomparable superman. dean cain is here. >> one time superman. >> i have to say, i know this was the weekend for the superman movie coming out. what is it called? >> "man of steel." >> when i think of superman and i'm with a lot of people on this i know, i see your face. i don't even remember the other kid's name. >> and i love you for that, but
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some other people are going to see this guy's face and name when they hear the name superman. >> you took your son. your son is how old? >> 13. >> how did that go over? >> it's a pg-13 film. and he loved the film, but it was -- there were some moments where he was, you know, there were some real -- it was very real. and so there's some moments where he was a little bit scared. scooch a little bit closer. and there were some action sequences that were a little bit rough but he enjoyed it very much. >> what did you think? what is it like to see someone else wearing the cape? >> well, i don't like it. first of all, it's terrible. no, i think it's great. i mean, i think he -- henry did a great job. those guys were fantastic filmmakers. ed snider and christopher nolan. they did a great job. it's a real different incarnation of the man of steel. not as much lovey dovey stuff which we like. >> i like that. >> of course you did. >> i saw you on "kimmel" the other night. he had a little fun with you when it came to the new superman movie coming out. let's take a look.
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>> i didn't hear about the movie. i didn't hear they were doing it. >> there's a movie called "man of steel." >> oh, look, there it is. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> there's someone else. there's a new superman. >> but -- i'm superman. who is he? >> well, i don't think we need to -- >> does he have to wear the red underwear like i did? >> actually, no -- >> jimmy! does he have to wear the red underwear like i did? >> he didn't -- no, he didn't wear the underwear in this. >> why did i have to? >> that's a good point, though. >> why did i have to. >> were you ever self-conscious wearing those little things? >> we did love scenes. >> yes, i know. >> that's all i'm going to say.
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>> what is your love life about? you have your son. he's adorable. >> yes, yes, he is wonderful. and it's difficult with a child. and so i'm very coy about my love life. >> okay. >> i don't say much. but i want one. i definitely want one. >> i love how -- we usually ask, whenever we have a guest co-host we ask what their favorite drink is because we like to make them feel at home. you have a whole lineup here. >> this is exactly what i do at home. we have some tequila on the rocks. i go with a don julio 1942, a darker one than this. this is a vodka soda with a lemon. >> i like that one. >> wonderful. >> yeah. >> a glass of chardonnay. and then a glass of red. and if i get through all of these this morning -- >> what does that mean? >> you'll never have me co-host again. that would be the end of that. >> so last night there was miss usa pageant was on. miss utah, you know, everyone
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talks about who won, but there was actually a moment where miss utah had a little bit of difficulty with one of the questions from a judge. so let's listen and talk about it. >> a recent report shows that in 40% of american families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. what does it say about society? >> i think we can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to figure out how to create jobs right now. that is the biggest problem. and i think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this and so we need to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >> thank you utah. thank you sweetheart. >> what was awkward about that?
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she was so pretty. did you see her? she was gorgeous. she smiled right in the middle of that. it was fine with me. >> every guy thought she was hot. >> i was fine with that. >> have you ever been in that situation? this happens to me sometimes even here on our show. i'm midsentence. i'm talking and honest to god, i can't remember what -- and i try so desperately to find it again. you know how you're trying to find the words. i think if i talk long enough will come back to me. >> you are a professional. if it happens to you. there's a lot of heat to step out and get that and -- >> you brought up the miss teen usa, miss south carolina, i think it was. >> the iraq and suchas. >> let's relive that just for a minute. >> that's really tough. >> a fifth of americans can't locate the u.s. on a world map. why do you think this is? >> i personally believe that u.s. americans are unable to do
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so because some people out there in our nation don't have that. and i believe that our education, like such as in south africa and the iraq, everywhere such as, i believe that they should -- our education over here in the u.s. should help the u.s. -- or should help south africa and should help the iraq and the asian countries. so we will be able to build up our future. >> oh, my. >> that's hard. come on. >> if you took all of those words and you restrung them together, it might be a coherent sentence. it's possible. >> by the way, she's now an actor and a model, in case you were wondering. >> we don't need that much to be actors. you really -- it's very simple. >> kim kardashian had a baby over the weekend. >> congratulations. >> about a month early. they did the odds on naming the baby. and one of the big questions, i think with kim and kanye is, people are obviously willing to pay a lot of money for that photo.
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and, you know, you wonder about that and what that does. what do you think about paying for a photo like that? >> as long as they didn't get pregnant just for that to have the baby and get the money. if somebody offered me x amount of dollars, 15 bucks, i would have sold a picture of my son. but there's something they can do for their child. not that the child will be needing the money. but they could sell it for $1 million, i say bank it, put it in the -- put it in a little account where the parents can't touch it. not that those guys need the money but the kid will have it when they turn 18 and could do something with it. >> there's a weird, gross disgusting trend out there. >> i thought it was something i just did. >> this is called -- it's gross -- eyeball licking. the story broke this weekend in japan. kids are licking each other's eyeballs. it's formally known as -- can you read that? >> worming? >> no.
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>> oculolinctus. the kids are calling it worming. it's like going to second base. >> i mean i'm not old, but second base is completely difference. >> licking. that is so -- i guess a japanese band was doing it for a music video and kids watched it and thought how cool that is. >> i guess. that doesn't -- come here. >> this is your first brush with eyeball licking? ooh. >> ripley's believe it or not we had very strange things and there was a romanian woman who was clean your eyes. if you had dirt or sand in there. she got in there. >> she licked your eyeballs? >> she steam cleaned. she was wicked. >> gross. >> so we have a lot of footage of that. but i don't think that caught on the same way as this band -- >> this is gross. >> if i see my son licking somebody's eyeball, we're going to -- >> you're going to have it out. >> there's an issue. we're going to talk about that. >> when we saw dean cain come
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in, people say, oh, my gosh, he looks just like he did. there's something about actors who age and actors who don't. we're going to play a game called, who's older? >> a-ha. >> are you ready for this? we're going to play the game. we're both going to guess. who is older? paul rudd or blake shelton? i think i'm going with paul rudd. >> i'm going to say you're probably right. >> paul rudd we say. are we right? we are right. paul is 44. blake is 36. >> both young. >> ready? rob lowe versus jamie foxx. who is older? >> jamie foxx. >> really? >> yeah, for sure. i know them both. i'm guessing. >> i'm going with rob lowe. >> who is right? >> rob lowe is older. he's 49. jamie foxx is only 45. >> i apologize, jamie. i was trying to give rob a compliment. >> daniel craig versus johnny
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depp. who is older? >> daniel craig. >> i'm going johnny depp. >> we're splitting here. >> johnny depp is older. he's 50. are you kidding? >> are you kidding? daniel craig is only 45. all right. let's see if you know this one. leo dicaprio and matt damon. >> i do know the answer to this one. >> i doubt it. >> now you are making me question myself. i'm going to say matt damon. >> are you positive? >> there we go. >> okay. matt damon -- >> i was getting nervous. >> matt damon is 42. leo is only 38. and the last one. john stamos versus john hamm. >> two guys named john. they are very good looking. they don't even care. >> i'll give it to john stamos. >> i think you're right. i'm going to go with that. >> stamos is 49, hamm is 42. how old are you speaking of -- >> mark wahlberg versus dean cain. >> i know the answer. >> are you sure? >> yes.
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>> he can't look that good and be older than me so it's got to be dean cain. >> let's see if you're right. >> dean cain is older. mark wahlberg is 42. >> how old are you? >> i'm 62 years old. >> come on, how old, really? >> 46. i'm going to be 47 in a month. >> oh, my god. you look really good. you look so great. you are doing this great new show. tell us about that. >> "hit the floor" on vh1. it airs monday night, tonight. it's becoming a huge sort of hit on -- >> you judge dancers pretty much? >> i'm a head basketball coach for a professional team but in my spare time i judge dancers. one of the girls is my daughter that i didn't know that i had. it's a very juicy show but tonight there's going to be some dancing on top of a pool that is going to sort of set some hearts aflame? >> really? >> are you involved in that? >> no. but i can watch it.
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>> tell us about your favorite thing. >> my favorite thing is very simple. it's a brookstone sound machine. this is unbelievable. it makes sounds so you can sleep. and when you go to new environments it's a white noise. i sleep like a baby. >> what do you listen to? just white noise or waves? >> anything else i have a problem. i come here to new york. it's much louder than my home in malibu, and it's just different sounds and you have that orienting response. this gets rid of it all. this puts me in that la la. what is yours? >> if you want a good juicy beach read of all kinds of affairs and fun "the best of us." you'll be done with it in -- it is fun. >> look how far you are in this thing. >> i'm flying through it. it's by sarah pekkanen. >> all right. i like it. one of our biggest. we're going to call our fan of the week. >> and i hear supermodel. >> yes, and mom. >> and america's got talent judge, the very gorgeous heidi klum is here.
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you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save. heidi klum is one busy one, known as one of the most gorgeous women in the world. when she isn't modeling, she's got her hands full as a mother of four, a fashion designer and one of the newest judges on the nbc hit show "america's got talent." >> if you've seen her in action, you know she's not afraid to say it like it is. >> apparently neither are the talented acts. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> i loved it. i thought that you were really cool. i loved your confidence and the way you were singing, walking around. >> i was confident until you started talking and looking directly at me and now i'm not.
2:21 am
you're beautiful in person, by the way. >> thank you. don't forget about me. when i come, i want to be in the front row. >> heidi, i will never forget about you. >> hello. hello. >> everybody is wondering, she is that beautiful in person. >> no kidding. >> heidi, wow. what a great start again to "america's got talent." you're on the show. you got to change the dynamic completely with you and mel d., haven't you? >> having four judges, it's harder almost for the contestants because they have to have three yeses in order to go forward. so you have more opinions, i guess. >> some of these acts are crazy. we talked about a couple of days ago, there was a guy who was an opera singer. he came on the stage. you didn't know what he was going to be doing. and he belted out that opera song, and he proposed to his girlfriend after. it was a moment that -- >> because he had a female voice. it was insane. i didn't expect this coming out
2:22 am
of his mouth, and then he proposed to his girlfriend. it was like a wonderful, wonderful moment. every moment is great. even sometimes when there's acts on there that are doing ridiculous things that make us laugh. like, for me, i have so much fun being there all day looking at 30, 40 acts. some of them you forget because it goes so fast. you are just buzzing, buzzing. and then, wow, you get someone like this guy. and it's like, wow! where have you been? no one has ever heard this man before. >> is that the guy with the tremendous back story, the story of -- >> no, that is jonathan. he is really close to my heart. he is this guy that two years to -- two years ago told his family he's gay, and he got kicked out. and that's him. and hardly ever i feel so emotional for people. his story -- i'm so happy when he opened his mouth and something good came out because i feel like he has such tragedy in his life. >> you think sometimes -- the back stories can be so moving. does that ever help or hurt you when you are deciding if they are really good enough?
2:23 am
>> if he would have been a bad singer, i would have pushed that buzzer regardless of the back story because i have to be fair to all the people that are on there. but i was so happy for him. he has no home right now, because his parents kicked him out. he has no job. and i don't know. i just love the guy. >> is it hard because sometimes you see kids on there. it would kill me if i had to say, sorry, you're not that good. >> it's hard. you have to say it. >> you are a mother. >> am i doing any good to them saying they are great and pushed them forward if they aren't? >> no, but that's awfully tough to do. i would not want to be in those shoes. >> i try to send them off on a positive note. maybe you aren't as direct as you would be with a grown-up who can deal with it maybe a little better. i try to send them off on a positive note. >> it's a cute necklace, by the way, that little -- what is that? >> i actually did get it from howard. >> howard gave you a present? wow. >> what? he did? >> it's funny that you pointed it out. >> it just stands out. it's beautiful. did he just give it to you for
2:24 am
fun? >> beth and howard gave this to me for my 40th birthday. >> you're not 40 years old. i refuse to believe that. wow. >> it's a lot of makeup and good lighting. >> no, it's not. >> we wish you the best of luck with "america's got talent." congratulations. >> you are mom approved. my mom thinks you're fantastic. >> and you're the best superman. >> isn't he? i told you. >> "america's got talent" airs tuesday at 8:00, 7:00 central. so who is it going to be? >> our fan of the week. we're going to be dialing a number right after this. and it might be you. alright guys, let's huddle up here and talk probiotics.
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its triple action formula targets migraines for relief of the tough pain, and symptoms that come with it. try targeted relief with the power of bayer.
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all right. it's fun-day monday. sara is out of town, so we get to announce our fan of the week. >> and since sara is not here, i get to do the honors. >> i'm going to take it from here. drum roll, please. this week's winner is -- are you ready? molly mckeown.
2:29 am
from wilmington, north carolina. she watches us on wect tv 6. i think we might have molly on the phone. molly, are you there? >> hi. how are you? >> can you believe dean cain is here? >> no! i'm so excited. >> hi, molly. how are you? before we tell you what you've won -- wait, i'm sorry, you're good? >> she's very good. she's liquored up like us. >> we want to tell everyone why you were chosen. molly went to the university of north carolina wilmington. i know well. it's a good spot. she became best friends with kayla. they had so much in common, including their love for the fourth hour -- >> eerks -- oh, my god. look at them. >> that it's become a staple for their relationship. they schedule their classes around this show so they can watch together. they just graduated but they keep in touch they facetime or text every single time the show comes on. >> we're going to tell you where you are headed. you and your guest are going to the travasa austin resort in austin, texas.
2:30 am
you'll enjoy a three-night, four day stay in the trail view room, breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything provided by the resort and a $125 daily credit for spa treatments. they are all provided by travasa experience resorts. molly, are you -- >> this is the best day of my life! >> i love that. all right, molly. we can't wait for you. we'll be right back after this. ♪
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♪ we are back with more "today" on this monday. actor dean cain is here filling in for kathie. we're bringing you up to date with today's buzz. all the gossip you missed on father's day weekend. >> there's no gossip for father's day weekend. from kim and kanye's new baby to the "man of steel" they're not talking about me. it's not me. andy cohen has all the celebrity scoop. >> you'll always be my man of steel, dean cain. >> don't you think?
2:33 am
>> thank you, andy. are you kidding me? the movie bombed this weekend because he wasn't in it. >> $125 million. >> i guess it didn't bomb but i boycotted the film because dean cain wasn't in it. >> so far heidi klum calling you the real superman. andy cohen. we're going to keep going. >> it's only because they are in my presence. >> d.c. is single. >> he is. >> ladies, line up. >> where is my favorite nut bag? kathie lee. >> oh, is that what that is? >> you are in big trouble. kath is coming back in tomorrow. andy, you missed it. let's talk kim and kanye. they had a baby. >> they had a baby. it's a girl. >> thank you. >> i think the big question is going to be, what is now going to happen for someone who has so lived her life so publicly in front of the cameras, kanye has said in interviews, he does not want this baby to be a part of her on-camera universe. so that's the big question.
2:34 am
>> the first thing that happens, are they selling the baby pictures? >> it's already starting. we are. >> did he make it back for the birth? >> apparently he did. allegedly. because there s a kanye show, i think in l.a., that i saw a picture of bieber sneaking out of. >> okay. >> and so, yes, i'm putting two and two together. >> we should stop showing that picture. >> i know. >> all right. so other baby news. channing tatum. >> he instagrammed a cute picture of his daughter everley. >> so cute. >> aw. so cute. >> sweet couple. >> let's just say this is kim and kanye's baby, too, and now we've all seen the baby. babies are cute. >> i did see a text that said baby picture and i thought it was kim and kanye's. instead it was this one. so melissa mccarthy. >> rex reed, the critic, called her -- he made some terrible fat jokes about her in a movie
2:35 am
review he did last year. and she kind of came out to "the new york times," asked her about it. she said 20 years ago that really would have pissed her off, but that now she's in a great place and that he must be in a really dark vile place to be spewing such hatred. >> what do you think about critics like that? >> nasty. don't you? >> she's so talented. >> he called her a one-trick comedian. >> what! what a loser. >> only in dark, dark places, by the way. >> amanda bynes. >> oh. >> that's so sad. such a sad situation. >> did you ever date amanda bynes. >> no, i did not. and i'm not willing to try at this point in time. not now. >> she is available. >> apparently. i don't know. >> she lunged at someone with a camera phone this weekend and she also tweeted someone and
2:36 am
said you know what? this whole thing is an act and it's all pre -- >> do you believe that? >> no, no, i don't. >> i feel like she's really troubled. i think it's more than just gee whiz, bad car accident. >> it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to have that opinion. >> what exactly did you just say? >> that's what he said. >> no, i think she is, yes. >> and this plays out in the public eye much more so than it might if you were kathie lee. i'm sorry. >> let's talk about the weekend box office, shall we? we already talked about dean's movie. >> we did. "man of steel." >> starring me. it was great. >> they should have asked you to cameo. >> i agree with you. anything. i would have been happy to be there. >> what did you think of the movie. you said you went to see it. >> i thought it was very good. >> i was chatting with heidi klum. you were doing a cooking segment with my best friend in 15 minutes. >> what's his name? >> bruce bossie jr. from the
2:37 am
palm. >>o, so, yeah, man of steel did $125 million. huge. >> we love you, andy. can't wait to see your best friend coming up. from tangled to blowouts, we're doing a little damage control when it comes to your summer hair. hought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees, plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's theombination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy. that everyone should have access to good nutrition. so they're donating two meals to feeding america for every purchase of one a day women's multivitamins. help families across america
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get nutrition they need. buy one a day women's, make a difference. >> with hotwire's low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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♪ all right. between the sun and the sea, our hair takes a beating in the summertime. now a new study says copper piping is also to blame. all right. your shower water travels through the pipes it's picking up metal and causing split ends and fly aways. >> everything. it drives me crazy. and if anyone knows about a bad hair day, apparently it's my friend hoda. >> hey, don't even -- >> wow! holy smokes. >> erase it. here to do -- >> i know it was a batman term but, wow. that was shocking. >> all right.
2:42 am
anyway, here to do a little damage control with the right products is "cosmo's" beauty director. >> how are you? >> now it's the copper pipes? >> it's copper pipes. it's everything. it's also copper in the swimming pools. we always think it's chlorine. it's the copper making our hair discolored. it's setting up the scene for dryness which is going to lead to breakage. always use a clarifying shampoo once a week that will pull out all the hard minerals. and before you jump in the pool, wet the hair and run through a hair mask. this is garnier's hair mask that will provide a barrier, so the salt from the ocean and the copper from the pool won't get into the hair. >> what do you wear on the beach, a hat or anything or you don't wear what happens to your hair? >> speedos. >> for the hair. >> no, i don't care what happens to the hair. >> i want to point out, it's true. dean cain has huge paws, okay? >> i have been pawing her in between. >> for detangling.
2:43 am
>> detangling is very rough on the hair. when hair is wet it's at its most vulnerable state. it stretches and then it breaks. use a detangling comb. this is a tangle teaser. it does not rip your hair. if you start at the ends and we work our way up it will just totally detangle the hair without pulling at it. >> should you put a product in while doing it? >> comb through the conditioner or whatever. also a lot of teasing and back combing. we don't want to do that because it's like grating cheese. it's going to ruin the cuticle. these new products are texturizing aerosol sprays. >> this kind of looks like one of those pet things. i'm just saying. >> a lot of us wear shades and purses. things get tangled up. >> totally. especially with the new aviator style. they get caught in the wires on the nose buds. >> oh, it got caught. it happens. >> these chain purses, we just throw them on our shoulder.
2:44 am
we just need to first move the hair before we put it on the shoulder and you can either use aviators and not wear them as a headband. or switch over to like a plastic, like a pair of way farers. even more importantly is to not pick up a brush, to even style your hair until it's 80% dry. >> just use your fingers. >> dry it first. >> then go in. like we said, wet hair is really vulnerable. >> this is important. these are hair extensions. >> yes, i have them in right now. >> so this is -- like one of the hardest things with the extension craze right now is permanent extensions are causing a lot of tension at the root and it's pulling the hair out. it's causing a hair loss called traction alopecia. we want to take a temporary approach to extensions. kate has a set in right now. >> they are in right now?
2:45 am
>> oh, wow. it looks so natural. >> how do they go in? >> they clip on. you put them underneath your hair and then use these clips to keep them in place. that way you aren't wearing them 24/7. they aren't going to pull and really do a lot of damage. >> all right. >> and these are fantastic. >> as a guy, i admit if you want to -- if there's a surprise in the hair. >> that's very true. >> we sneak into the bathroom like we sneak off the spanx first. and get rid of them. >> don't tell me the secrets. i don't want to know. >> some tricks to keep your cat from scratching the furniture. >> the cat whisperer helps you train your cat. ♪ good morning to you. we have a look at your weather channel forecast for the next seven days. there will be a big area with a chance for some showers and some thunderstorms, the red area. this is where the thunderstorms
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are most likely, or there's the best chance to have some severe thunderstorms. so some potentially damages thunderstorms. and the heat will still be cranked up in the southwest and parts of the deep south. still going to see 90, but a little bit cooler in atlanta, up to louisville, temperatures in the lower 80s. you'll see 70s around the great lakes and in the northeast. so for tomorrow, still a chance for some showers lingering around the southeast down to florida, parts of the southern plains, chance for showers, cool with the next upper level low moving into the pacific northwest. you can see the yellow jumps out on the map. cooler area in place in the pacific northwest. you see the red, pinks, and even some white. those are the hottest temperatures where we'll see readings into the triple-digits. still looking at mid to upper 80s, lower 90s. 70s still in the northeast. not much rain on thursday. more of a hit and miss situation
2:47 am
to the north and throughout parts of the mississippi valley and around georgia. friday, a few shurs around. moving into the weekend, still most areas are going to be dry. move showers in the upper midwest, also parts of the southeast, much of florida could see showers. then on sunday, same spot that you're going to see it on saturday, a chance for some showers, temperatures for a huge portion of the country are going to be on the very warm side, plenty of upper 80s and lower 90s here nts heartland. right along the coast to feel any cooler temperatures. wake up with al from 5:30 to 7:00. spokesman i have to look my so bbest on camera.sing whether i'm telling people about how they could save money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7
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♪ if you own a cat you know they have a mind of their own. just like jinxi in "meet the parents" cats are very independent. many think they can't be trained
2:50 am
the same way as dogs. but cat whisperer michelle is here to teach us a thing or two. she's the author of "the cat whisperer." why cats do what they do and how to get them to do what you want. >> i didn't even know it was possible, michelle, to get -- >> i'm still not sure it's possible. >> it is so easy to train cats. you can train a goldfish. if anything has a brain you can train it, really. and they have us trained. meow, meow, meow, open the cat food. >> that i believe. >> one of the things is you want your cat to go in the litter box. sometimes they don't cooperate. so what should one do about it? >> so here we have some litter boxes. and it's instinctual. you don't really need to change -- train them. you just need to create the environment that suits them. so we give sand. this little here, cat attract, it saves thousands of cats' lives from the shelter, because the litter box issues are the
2:51 am
number one issue, that behavior issue, why millions of cats are euthanized. they'll visit the box ten times a day. they love the cat attract litter. but having your boxes not all in one area. have them north, east, south, west, land of plenty in your environment. >> where should you put it in your house? >> three of them? four of them? >> for each cat, you want to have two boxes. so one box for each cat, plus one more because -- >> they don't share? >> they do share. and that's the whole reason we spread them apart so they can take turns. it's one of the ways they structure their social hierarchy. >> that works in my house too. because when i'm in the bathroom, it's mine. mine >> back off, barbie. >> what cat does dean have? these are all up for adoption. >> they're from animal havens shelter. this is flash. and he is a lovely sky. he's been at the shelter for an entire year. i've spent all day with him yesterday. >> he's a sweetheart. he weighs as much as a good
2:52 am
solid football. >> he's a big boy. >> what else? >> in addition to making sure your boxes are spread out in many different areas to keep your cats getting along well and using the boxes we also have the black light, which is a urine detector. you want to find and destroy the urine if you find it in and around your house because it will undermine the effectiveness of the litter box. these two cleaners, after you find the urine. it will glow. >> just like in the pool. >> these two cleaners are great. they are enzyme cleaners. this is an odor binding molecule process. >> we have about a minute. show us a lot of cats tend to scratch the -- the furniture. i feel like i'm fishing with this cat but he likes it. >> i'm watching it. is that wrong? >> so how do you get the cat to stop scratching the furniture? >> cats need to scratch. there's a great movie coming out called "the paw project." we're very anti-declaw these days. so this product right here, ohio
2:53 am
state university run vet studies on this product. it creates utopia for cats. decreasing stress for them. you can also put double sided sticky tape on furniture so they are -- this is just cat nip. sprinkle it in a two foot by two foots area on the floor, it creates body rolling. so we want to detour them from the couch with these products and then also give them, of course, a place to scratch on because they do need to scratch to decrease their tension. >> all of our cats are on leashes which i thought was weird. i didn't even know you did that, but you say it's a good thing to do. >> yeah, we are trying not to, of course, increase the feral cat population. and we don't want our cats interfacing with feral cats outside. and it's great environmental richness. you can walk your cat. you have to get them, of course, acclimated. but they are doing great already. >> so you give them like bait and they follow it?
2:54 am
>> so we just habituate them and acclimate them to walking. and these cats, this is the first time they've had these harnesses on and they are doing excellent. >> they are in good shape. michelle, thank you so much. >> we're about to eat. that surf and turf -- >> i like that. not the cats. the surf and turf. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
2:57 am
it's time for today's kitchen. simple dinners with a spin on surf and turf that is tempting to your wallet and palette. >> bruce bossie jr is going to show us how to cheat a bit. >> hey, andy cohen's best friend. how are you? >> so this is a very simple, simple kabob skewer. and the trick is, it's bacon. that's the turf. bacon makes it the turf. so it's scallops wrapped with the bacon. and when you wrap the bacon, make sure it doesn't overlap the scallop because then the cooking process is going to be, you're going to not cook the scallop enough. put that through. when the bacon is crispy is when the scallop is done. the integrity is protein, vegetable. >> do a veggie. >> beauty mushrooms that we love. >> the ones that look like brains.
2:58 am
>> then we do a jalapeno stuffed shrimp. we butterflied our shrimp. >> stick it in there? >> right. you have deveined it. and you want -- with the jalapeno, you want to take out the vein, the seeds otherwise the power, the punch will be overwhelming. >> then we're going to do a cherry tomato. marinated in a palm vinaigrette. we're going to do it in flash fry and grill. >> dean is cooking? >> excellent. >> i do cook. i have to cook. single dad. one boy. >> do you make dinners every night? >> not like this beautiful, but i'm going to try now. >> so flash fry. you want to tilt the pan forward. >> you are the man of steel. >> yes, you are. >> liquid and oil will -- >> melt steel. it's awful. >> it will pop back so we're going to roll. >> how do i do it? >> roll it and use your body.
2:59 am
no fingers touching. roll it in. let it go. now bring it down. now basically, let that cook. when that bacon is crispy, the scallop is done. >> do you turn it over at all? >> turn it over. or you can grill it. >> this looks fantastic. >> this is our garlic butter sauce. very simple. >> that's illegal. >> caramelized garlic. >> put it on there. >> butter. >> can we try it? it looks so good. i can't even stand it. i can't wait other in minute. -- i can't wait another minute. >> this is another one of our signature summer sides. corn, caramelized, panchetta. very easy, very economical. >> as fancy as it looks, and it took a minute. and it's not expensive. >> thank you so much. i want to thank an cain for being such a -- >> ooh, i like being in the middle. >> we love you, too. >> that was good. >> kathie lee will be back tomorrow. a special hour all on protecting yourself.
3:00 am
have a great monday, everybody. >> dean, thank you. >> thank you. >> her muscles are slowly turning to bone. >> we can't give our daughter a bear hug. go give your daughter a bear hug. >> most of her day is spent sleeping. >> most people making the most of their lives. >> i have so many great people in my life who want to help me and want to make life a great experience for me. [captioned by national captioning institute] [cbs television distribution] jeff jeff a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the show.


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